Demanding bosses, out of control work load and impossible deadlines can make us tired and stressed and in turn will have a serious impact on our waistline. Working life can be really a big reason for weight gain. We are more likely to skip breakfasts/lunch or grab high calorie snack for instant energy. Not only this 9 to 5 working schedule but the laziness in cooking after the hectic day is adding up the pounds to our body.

Here are some tips one can follow for the weight management:

  • First and foremost reason of weight gain is skipping the meals. Do not ever skip the meals no matter how busy you are. Take out time and take your lunch on time in office as well.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. It will keep you fuller and won’t confuse the thirst with hunger.
  •  Eat consciously. When you take care of the quantity, freshness and the calorie count of the dishes you eat; you are satisfied in a deeper way rather than just stuffing your stomach with food.
  • Avoid packed food. We always jump to fastest possible option even while cooking and as a result, end up consuming fats and sodium and making ourselves obese. Instead of that eat fresh food and cook at home every day.
  • When eating in office parties and lunch meetings, avoid high fat butter, dressings, cheese etc. order salads and food low in fat content.
  • Watch out the calories gained through consuming alcohol, sugary drinks. Have fresh lime or water instead.
  • Keep a food diary with you and record your eating habits. This will make you aware about your problem areas.
  • Generally people with sitting jobs are habitual of having tea and coffee after every small intervals. This is also a major reason in weight gain as with tea and coffee, they indulge in eating oily and fried snacks.                                                                                                                                                                              

Good designations demand pleasing personalities as well. When you are overweight or obese, you might lose confidence in meeting people and representing yourself in front of others. So work on managing your weight and lead your dream job with an appealing personality.