We all are aware of the feeling where nothing seems to make sense, everything looks hopeless and there is this question “”Why?” you can’t get rid of. For most of us it is just for few days or maybe for months. For some it starts taking control over their minds and to their lives, and then, after few weeks one face difficulties to come out of this feel.

No one seems to understand, you feel no one is able to connect with you. Slowly and steadily you find it next to impossible to even follow the daily schedule. If you are facing the similar problem and you know that it is increasing day by day then know that you are having a depressive phase and it needs to be checked before you let it take control.

First of all, know that this is just a phase of life. It is “OK” to feel this way, after all you are a human being and small part of you is made up of emotions and feelings, so after an event it is “OK” to get these feelings. But then it is not fine is getting stuck with these feelings.

We tend to stick to this intense feeling of discomfort maybe cause:

  • Life Events that has great effect. Like loss of someone very close, separation, major incident that shook your life like losing a job or similar events.
  • Personality or Genetic factors. Every individual is different and unique and so is perception, reaction and coping mechanism. Few may recover well while few may get stuck in the episode for longer period or for ever till they get external help to change the way their brain is wired. 
  • Childhood trauma
  • Prescribed drugs or abuse of recreational drugs (alcohol or amphetamines).
  • Serious medical illness can also lead to depression, especially if you’re dealing with long-term management and/or chronic pain. It could be diabetes or BP or any similar prolonged illness.
  • Conflicts in family or at work place or going through a life situation where decision making involves too many options or choices. Conflict can also trigger depression when buying any product from market, where we have too many options and we had to choose one especially if we going to use it for first time.
  • Seasonal Affective disorder (SAD)
  • We ruminate over past and feel bad about it and it becomes a loop. Every time we go back to past this feeling gets more powerful.
  • We tend to start loving this feel as we perceive this as souvenir of the person with whom we have lost in recent times or any situation that had hit us emotionally.

Now, that you know what is happening and why the most important and valuable part is to “Take back Control”. Do not listen to all the belittling and criticising statements your mind is throwing at you. These are coming only because you are in this phase. Else, look back, you have achieved a lot, you have won a lot and most importantly you have “LIVED” till now. Isn’t this the most beautiful thing? Can’t you see that no matter what, you have come a long way now? All you need to do is stop listening to thoughts that are telling you that you can’t. You know you can. So, let’s do it. Let’s fix this.

Few things to help you come out.

  • Start writing a diary. Tell diary how you are feeling, what all have happened, open your heart out to diary. Write it all.
  • Connect with people who are close to you. Make sure that you meet people whom you feel understand you.
  • Start simple. For example you can start with small walks or make a routine plan which you can follow. You can start with focusing on one small activity, as small as maybe drinking water or taking bath.
  • Practice mindfulness. Praise yourself for things that you have done for yourself or for people around you.
  • Sleep. Initially, it will be difficult but pamper yourself, connect with self and make self-understand how important it is to rest.
  • Remember! How much you like doing that activity. Start doing it again. This time for yourself.
  • Eat healthy. It is very important that these times you take proper food. Start with something you relish or if at all it seems, nothing is luring your taste buds then start with something light or salads. But, eat.
  • Physical activity. It is very important that you get into physical activity like yoga, excursing, or maybe dance. Chose from wide range that makes you happy.

Remember! Anything that comes to you can be sorted, you just have to know that you have the potential to deal with it or at times you just need to have a different perspective to fix it. There are professionals who can help you. You don’t have to do this alone, seek out for help if you finding it difficult. Together or own “let’s do it”. 

You deserve the happiness, all you have to do now is to go for it.