Q1: Is regrow better than joint replacement?

Ans: The most important fact is regrowing cannot be compared to joint replacement. Joint replacement is done for people who are above 50 years with severe joint pains and a completely damaged joint. Regrow is to prevent a joint replacement. Let me give you some clarity on this. When you have knee or hip pain, you should not ignore and should visit an orthopaedic surgeon. By Treating cartilage or bone damage at an early stage, we can prevent a knee or hip replacement. Summarising Regrow helps in avoiding or postponing joint replacement.

Q2: Why is it called regenerative treatment?

Ans: Unlike skin which can heal on its own, our body does not have the capacity to heal cartilage and bone damage leading to arthritis. With our regrow technology, we are able to grow cartilage stem cells and bone stem cells in a laboratory. This is called REGENERATIVE TREATMENT.    

Q3: What are the benefits of this treatment to patients?

Ans: When you can grow your own cartilage or bone, you are essentially giving a new joint and new life.·      

Q4: What is chondroitin and is it first of its kind in India?

Ans: Chondron is an FDA approved process where we grow back the damaged cartilage. Cartilage is the essential lining of all Joints which helps in protecting the joint. Chondron is first of its kind in India which has shown very good results compared to older cartilage replacement techniques. Chondron is more useful in knee and shoulder problems.   

Q5: What is Ossron? Is it first of its kind in the world?

Ans: Like chondron, Ossron is an FDA approved technique of growing bone from bone stem Cells in the laboratory. It is more useful in hip and shoulder problems. Ossron will essentially replace old technique of using bone from other parts of the body to cure bone problems like avascular necrosis and fracture non-unions, thus helping patients to recover fast.      

Q6: Can patients play sports and what's is the recovery time?

Ans: Chondron and ossron are a two-stage procedure. There is no recovery time for the first stage when we take cartilage or bone sample to grow. Recovery time after the second stage which is implantation of cartilage or bone cells is about 1-1/2-3 months. They can perform most of the activities normally.

Q7: Is it a permanent solution to pain?

Ans: When we treat them before it reaches an advanced stage, the results are excellent with a permanent resolution of pain

Q8: Where is the treatment done?

Currently, this procedure is exclusively done at Apollo Hospitals Jubilee.