There are many people who perform the same workout forever. Most of them also look the same forever. Are bodies are intelligent beings, and adapts to performing the same work (workout). By adapting, it means that the body get's efficient at performing the exercises. So, essentially it uses less energy or calories to perform the same workout.

So, if you want to keep making progress, its important that you keep changing your workout. Now, the question is how often should you change your workout? Read on to find out.

The answer is that 'it depends' and the answer will range from 4 weeks to 12 weeks. Before we talk about how often you should change your workout, let's talk about the point that you should change your workout. That point is basically when you feel the workout has become easier for you to perform.

The reason we exercise is to challenge our muscles to perform more work. If the work itself becomes easy, then there isn't a point of doing the workout. It's like repeating the same class forever.

Now, the point at which the benefits of the workout reduce will vary of a number of factors..

How challenging the workout is: The more challenging the workout, the longer it will take your body to adapt to it.

How often you perform the same workout: The more often you perform the workout, the faster your body will adapt to it.

How advanced your fitness levels are: The fitter you are, the faster your body will get better at performing the workout.

So, what's a good workout for you, and when should you change it?

A good workout should challenge your body. It can be repeated once or twice a week (max thrice a week), which means that on other days, your workout should vary. And last but not the least, it should be made customized to your body, age, physical conditions and other factors.