A person who seeks approval for taking any action cannot take proper decisions.

So the whole idea of approval is to be scrutinized.

To start with a person takes a decision with the best use of his brain. He takes conscious efforts to come to a decision about the action to be taken.

The things that are considered while taking this decision are basically related to the likings and requirements of that individual person. It is amusing to note that during sleep whole available data is again scrutinized and correlated with every fact in the life of that person. It is far beyond the reach of imagination about the great magnitude of work up of interlinking of memories has been done by your subconscious mind before expressing the decision to the conscious mind. So it is best to be left alone for the subconscious to do it.

The conscious mind can’t handle the speed of actions that occur while driving. You will experience difficulties and your speed will reduce when you start driving consciously. On the other hand the subconscious will inform to the conscious mind to remain alert when a critical speed of the car is crossed.

The first concern of the person is about his needs and responsibilities. The question to him is to find out the ways to fulfil the needs and responsibilities in such a way that will meet his likings and capacity.

Your brain is very well-trained for existence and self-defense. Believe in your brain. Ask for technicalities regarding carrying out your decisions. But never ask for approval of your decision.

Believe in yourself. There is no need to take to any approval from anybody.

Nobody knows your needs and limitations. You are the person who knows them better.

Your brain is sharp enough to take decisions in your favor. Any other brain can’t think the way your brain thinks.

Never think what others are thinking. Because their brain will tell their ways to take decisions. They do not understand the basic needs of your mind. You cannot work on ideas of other brains. This is so because you don’t have their brain. You have your brain to work with. So you must take a decision that your own brain has prompted.