Modern-age students have a desire to be qualified for entry in MBA, IIT or Software Engineering. Fat salary income remains to be driving force behind this aspect. Who does not want such a happy beginning of life? If husband and wife are both interested with E-Mantra, then sky is the limit. It appears as if both the goddesses Laxmi and Saraswati (Goddess of wealth and Goddess of Learning) have bestowed their entire blessings on them. All the wordly pleasure are tied in the closed fist, but the essence of life (Sex) trickles away as soft fine sand from the gaps between the fingers. 

They are ignorant of the fact that money is extremely important in life, but it is not everything. By going against the nature by working throughout day and night to show their efficiency, they are afraid to accept marital responsibility. Today there are innumerable couples who do not wish to take parental responsibility. The quite noiseless home is not due to progress in wealth but due to absence of children. 

Sexual emotions between husband and wife are considered prominent after marriage. They are unaware of this reaching home late after hard day and night work. They go off to sleep simply to rush for next busy schedule in the morning. In this melee, they might have taken married life as a mere project. Ardent belief in each other, togetherness, fond communication and physical contact are essential to arouse sexual feeling. Love, love making, youthful happiness and sexual emotions emancipate from such actions only. But for all these one has to have time for each other. Absence of this element in the double income desirous couples turn their conjugal Coexistence life into “tolerance bearing life” which further leads to induce quarrels ending in divorce. The number of divorce seeking couples has increased phenomenally, only because earning more and more money remains their sole motto. 

Abhijeet and Rupali were married five years ago Abhijeet is an Executive in a software company and Rupali works as Vice-President in a Multinational Company. Their day starts at 7 AM but no fixed time for end. Desirous of earning maximum in minimum time they have no time for Parenthood. Abhijeet claims of perfect understanding between both of them and also manages to give time to each other often. There are many couples who have no time for sex and carrying on such tolerance life. Career remains to be only subject of concern for them. 

Priya and Nilesh were bound in love marriage but in the last four years after marriage differences have cropped up distancing them from each other. Both love each other intensely but have no time for sex. In order to understand the reason for these developments they have to understand about the educational situation, cultural program and training. Sex has not remained a subject matter of marriage. Schools, collages, Professional training in each and every place, students consider sex as a physical necessity. Hence there remains no curiosity of sex even after marriage. The object of marriage turns into stability in life and earning more money. 

Consequently they are burdened firstly, double income no kids and then again with double income- no sex. People linked with the IT industry clearly admit of their decreasing interest in sex. Firstly they work hard for earning heaps of money and after achieving the same they start considering themselves as some body unique which leads them to live their life on their own. Working continuously for more than 10 to 18 hours and consuming innumerable cups of tea ,coffee, reduces their sexual desire. They are drifting away from the pleasures of sexual emotions. Sex is not a --subject of project ,what is needed is enjoyment in mutual emotions just as reaching home in time, drinking tea in relaxed mood, having dinner together with children etc. but who has time for all these things. 

   Such situations may arise, not only in case of career oriented people, but also in case of house wives, She forgets about sex while doing house hold work, schooling children taking care of their studies and tending to in-laws. However her husband should not forget that sexual activity is as important as her other duties.

    Couples working in different areas are infected with the work problems. They fall into arguments without understanding mutual problems, this directly affects their sex life. If things come to this state today then just think what shall be the state of affairs after 20 years ?

    Mutual emotions should be well understood considering sex as an essential element of life. In fact happy sex can eliminate tension and tiredness/ fatigue. It not only brings the relationship closer but also bestows mental satisfaction Before differences increase; proper counseling must be availed if desired.