We have a daily morning routine that we adhere to out of habit, for many people it is brush, shower and breakfast and for some other’s it is shower, breakfast and brush.  So, let us press upon a very important question that has been puzzling people since ages, do we brush our teeth before breakfast or after?

We need to brush before breakfast! Let me tell you why        

We brush to remove bits and pieces of food that might have been left over and to minimize plaque and tartar. In the night, as other systems of your body slowdown, so does your mouth. The production of saliva is relatively less, therefore allowing a lot of plaque to build up, which if not brushed away can lead to a lot of dental issues such as decays or an infection of the gums. 

So when you brush in the morning before breakfast, the amount of tartar being produced at night is washed away and the toothpaste you are using when brushing should too leave behind an extra protective layer of fluoride to resist the attack brought about by the food and drink we consume at breakfast.

 Afraid that the breakfast just consumed will lead to bad breath problems for you? 

You can brush after breakfast too, but only an hour after consuming breakfast. This is because acidic and sugary foods weaken and abrade the tooth enamel, and brushing too soon can cause damage to the enamel. So you need to let your oral pH re-balance itself to its alkaline state in an hour and then brush. 

Bottom line is that your mouth needs to stay clean, fresh and plaque-free. At the Dental Bond we believe that “Prevention is better than cure” and having treated many patients in the past whose dental problems were solely due to their improper brushing habits, we advise you to pay a visit to your dentist to discuss your brushing pattern and routine with them to prompt your progress to optimum oral health!