“Ugh, I hate my freaking job!!"

I have heard many of my friends rant about this endlessly and tirelessly. I was known to not work in a typical conventional job, and as someone who ran her own show, I never could fathom the feeling of hating one’s job. Until one time, when I came across a job I had taken for the time being. 

After the initial months crept into the unnecessary organization politics. I loathed it. I could not stand a minute of it. And without causing further trauma, I quit. It was not an easy decision. I had gotten used to a regular paycheck life. But apart from financial benefits, nothing made me resent quitting my job. I knew and I wanted to now concentrate on building my own studio. The Breathing Room that I had always dreamt of. 

I knew I was far away from a physical space. But in my mind, it felt right. Without further contemplation and discussion, I began this journey.The initial days of starting one’s own business are usually quite tough. Without enough revenue, it becomes very scary. I am scared, of course, that goes without saying. But I am also excited to see how it all turns out. 

I read somewhere and believe it quite deeply, that no matter what, don’t quit until each and every muscle, bone, the nerve in your body has given up.Once you start your business or firm, it becomes a part of you, impossible to neglect it and ignore it. It becomes your baby.