Most of our families have a 'Family Doctor' who has been treating our medical illnesses for years together and in some cases, generations together. It is not considered a taboo for anyone to visit a doctor when one is feeling sick(physically). But, somehow our society has managed to consider visiting a mental health professional to be a 'bad thing'.  Words such as 'abnormal', 'mad', 'psycho', 'mental' etc, flash into our minds when we think about visiting a counsellor.

Just as we are all prone to physical issues we are all prone to mental issues. Just as physical illnesses have a range of severity, mental ones have a range of severity too. Something as common as fever or cold might require the attention of a medical doctor and something as common as anxiety or depression might also require the attention of a counsellor/psychotherapist. It is time for all of us have a family counsellor/therapist. The modern-day 'Guru', if you must put a fancy label on it. Someone with whom you can confide in and open up without hesitation/fear. Someone who can help you in a non-judgmental, empathetic and professional manner. You will be surprised by the impact that a single session can have.  Using Google/Quora might be more harmful than beneficial. Misdiagnosis, wrong treatments and incorrect information (that can lead to hypochondria) are some of the dangers of self-diagnosis and self administration. The in-person connect with a professional is what can actually catalyses change. 

Choosing the right counsellor is very important. The best counsellors aren't the ones with the best degrees/qualifications. The best counsellors are the ones that have the experience, skills and exposure. A lot has to do with the client's ability to connect with the counsellor. How willing is the client to work on the issue at hand? How interested in the therapist in this case? A lot of factors determine who the 'best' counsellor/therapist for you is. Yes, that's right. FOR YOU! Not for everyone! There isn't one best counsellor! It's all in the chemistry. It's all about the mental connect. 

May you have a blessed life.