Dear Friends

We all are passing through digital revolution and day to day our life is becoming a machine we are behaving like machines and we becomes online most of our valueable time of our life…

We don’t even know that we are now addicts of various gadgets like Tablets, Laptop, iPad and the most common nowadays is smartphone. Internet is now available every where globally and it is good that the world becoming a global village, however, at the same time we forget the rest of the duties of our life, we become careless for our Physical and Mental health. 

Due to useless consumption of smartphone we are losing our personal life, our mental health as well as it affects badly overall to our physical health. Even when we plan to go for our holidays we always try to find out the accommodation with the facility of WiFi and internet. We don't even want to enjoy our holidays.

Now some important facts to know regarding smartphones addiction is that our day starts with smartphone and ends too with smartphone. Before going to bed we always want to check the last notifications and after waking up also, we first want to check the notifications or want to update the status. There are even some addicts of smartphones who keep their phone below the pillow during sleeping hours. This is too much!

It is important to know if you experience below mentioned symptoms than it’s time to wake up and need to get rid of this addiction.

Symptoms of Smartphone addiction

  • Finger pain
  • Backache
  • Uneasiness or discomfort without any reason
  • Anxiety
  • Headache
  • Insomnia(loss of sleep)
  • Mylgia(Bodyache)

Here are 3 types of Phobia noticed among the smartphone addicts.  

1.NoMO Phobia

In this Phobia, the addict often has an habit to check their Smartphone, they are always in search of people's attention of their posts on social medias.

2.FoMo Phobia

In this Phobia, they are always experiencing or or they have a fear of missing out. For example, if they remain disconnected with the net they feel that they are disconnected with the world and they will lose something during offline.

3.Phantom Phone Syndrom  or Ringxiety

In this phobia, smartphone users are always feeling the ringing of ring tone in their mobile phone though infact it is not ringing.

According to Ayurveda, due to over usage of Smartphones or gadgets it shall aggravate your Vat and all above symptoms indicating of aggravating Vat.

If you feel any of the above symptoms beware, for you are now a smartphone addict. However, before it affects badly on you, wake up and try to get rid of smartphone addiction.

So, what to do to get  rid of Smartphone addiction? Nowadays, in Ayurveda there is 1 treatment called Detox which is becoming popular globally, here I can suggest you to go for “Digital Detox” treatment.

How can you implement it? It is very simple by following way…

  • Try to remain off lie or try to keep yourself away at least for 1 hour to 2 hours during your working life
  • Try to avoid your smartphones during your Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Time
  • Keep away your smartphone at the time of sleep, after waking up in the morning start your day schedule by saying thanks to god and follow the guidelines of Ayurveda.
  • Try to avoid smartphone during your family time, try to spend your maximum family time without smart phone and internet…try to get involve maximum with your family members.
  • Try to keep yourself away from Internet and Smartphone at least 1 day during your weekend holidays and spend maximum time with family or go for long drive or to the natural places where you can enjoy the loving moments.

Above are the measures of “Digital Detox”

How Ayurveda can help you?

We the Ayurvedic physicians can help you by counselling and offering some treatments like…




These treatments are proving effective in the management of smartphone addictions…