Are you able to run just like you used to at the age of 20? Smash baseball till far? Play tennis ball with same speed?

Maybe not! Even as a person ages, there are different ways to play and enjoy any game to the fullest. The case is the same in sex just like sports.

Erectile Dysfunction can result due to various factors. Sometimes, it can be because of the medication but for most of the men, things are more complicated. Erectile Dysfunction might take place from neurological diseases, vascular diseases, treatments related to prostate, diabetes or surgeries.

Whether you are currently suffering from Erectile Dysfunction or experiencing certain symptoms, try the tips mentioned below to get rid of Erectile Dysfunction for better sexual life and health.

1. Walk as much as you can

Research shows that 30 minutes of walking a day can lead to 41% drop in Erectile Dysfunction cases. Daily and regular exercise can help restore sexual life in men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction.

2. Size of the body matters, so stay slim

A thin waist is a good thing – a man that has a waist of 42 inches is likely to get Erectile Dysfunction than another with the waist of 32 inches. Loss in weight will help fight Erectile Dysfunction, therefore, staying healthy is another way.

3. Eat Healthy Food 

Rich in protein foods such as whole grains, meat, vegetables, fish and fruits decrease the likelihood of Erectile Dysfunction. Make sure to eat lot of healthy food on a daily basis.