To begin with what is the concept of dieting?

  • Eat less food?
  • Stop eating your favourite food?
  • Just eat bland and "healthy" food?

When in a social gathering you don't feel like eating too much (due to various other reasons). How many of you have been asked the question if you are on a diet?

Quite a few of us encounter the above situation and then we defend ourselves. But why?

In my opinion there should not be a concept of dieting, instead, it is only about lifestyle modification and eating the 'right food' at the 'right time' and in the 'right quantity'.

Well considering so many rights, how do we know what is right and what is not?

The answer lies within you.

You can be your own counsellor if you know what your body is telling you.

If someone tells you eating an apple in the morning is healthy, but your body says no, I cannot digest it in an empty stomach. Then it is not good for you or maybe you read an article about the superfoods and plan to try it and your body rejects it.

Each individual is different, hence the needs and requirements are different.

One has to understand to modify one's diet and eat what the body wants to accept and not what we want the body to accept.