Going to a job interview can be pretty stressful. You have already gotten your foot in the door with that updated CV and great references, but as you probably know there’s more to make that first impression than what’s written on your resume. You’ve likely chosen your interview-day outfit carefully, because you know that looking your best is important, but have you thought about your smile??

What the Hiring specialists are saying:

Is it all just in peoples’ imagination? Nope! In fact, the impact is so great that numerous scientific studies have been conducted showing the links between dental hygiene and employment Dental Journal published. When asked, human resources specialists and headhunters emphasised the impact of your body language has on the success of an interview. Your first impression is made in fewer than seven seconds, and your smile one of your most powerful nonverbal cues.

During an interview, your smile tells your potential employer that as a colleague you:

  •  Are stable and confident·       
  •  Have positive nature·    
  •  Are interested and enthusiastic·       
  •  Are easy to talk to and work with·        
  • Are approachable and open

Your White, Healthy teeth gives you that confidence.

Immediate Dental treatments that make a Difference:

  • Teeth cleaning and polishing:  cleaning and polishing will freshen your breath and your smile with extra sparkle
  • Teeth whitening (Dental Bleaching):  Achieving Whiter teeth is a huge confidence booster. It makes you look younger. It will undoubtedly improve the first impression.
Dental Bleaching
  • Veneers: Veneers can help fix chipped and deeply stained teeth, which is a confidence builder.
  • Straightening options: If you have misaligned teeth we have straightening options.
  • Tips and Tricks:

    Here are some tips and turn your tricks that will turn your smile into your most powerful interview asset:

    • Smile when you first greet and shake hands with your interviewer·        
    • Smile naturally.    
    • Your teeth should show. Pressing your lips to cover your teeth make you appear unapproachable and insecure.       
    • Smile when subjects you are passionate about are addressed.        
    • Be sure to give a winning smile at the end of your interview.       
    • Practice your interview smile ahead of time. Do a mock interview with a friend or practice in front of the mirror.


    You are prepared well for your dream job. Your profile, experience and approach are very attractive. You spent good time and money for your outfit. Your ignorance of dental problems like bad breath, broken teeth, dirty teeth, crooked teeth, gives a negative impression to your interviewer. The first impression is made in less than seven seconds and smile is most important to build the first impression. If you are uncomfortable with your smile because of dental imperfection, visit your dentist so that you can smile confidently. It has the ability to significantly improve your chance of getting hired.