Diabetes, high Blood Sugar, is often a hidden problem. Since initially high glucose (sugar) levels in body does not give any pain, it is not easily diagnosed, it is often ignored, and not taken seriously by patient. Often, patients has many excuses to offer, for the high blood sugar. They are in phase of denial.

But once they accept the fact, that they are indeed diabetic, the process of counselling starts, and this should involve the patient, spouse, and if necessary children &/or other care giver.

It is important for the patient and family to understand how to take care of diabetes, medication and diet.

It is often felt by the relatives that a diabetic patient should have a frugal and strict diet. Nothing can be further from truth. Some patients may need drastic change in their diet and may need to even need tone forced by their relatives to adhere to this strict diet. However, majority of patients just need some modification in their diet.


Exercise plays a very important role in life style modification. Exercise does not mean joining an expensive gym next day. Exercise means that the patient now needs to increase and improve his physical activity, which has been proved to improve the insulin resistance and insulin sensitivity, hence helps in better control of Diabetes.