Diabetes, High Blood Sugar.

It is one of the hidden enemies in our body. Diabetes, simply means that our body is not able to secrete enough insulin, in response to a meal. 

Initially, the body will produce more Insulin than necessary. This is Hyperinsulinemia( Excess Insulin). But this excess insulin is not of good quality to do its job of controlling blood sugar. This typically happens in case a person is obese, lack of exercise, PCOD. Hyperinsulinemia, by itself, causes a deleterious effect on the body.

Hyperinsulinemia can be corrected to large extent by Diet & Exercise. By "Diet" we mean, modification in our food intake. A good dietician/nutritionist, will teach us the principle and make us understand the reason for restricting certain food items. I believe in the modification of "Family Diet". Everybody in the family should understand the principle behind diet modification. A particular patient of Diabetes should not be made to eat restricted food, nor does it mean that the entire family is punished and forced to have a diabetic diet. The simple principle of Diet means, Less Sugar, Less Salt, Less Oil/fat in our diet. To "Diet" does not mean to "Starve". 

Exercise is a very important component of controlling Hyperinsulinemia.