In today’s time, various options have come up for the individuals who have lost one or more number of teeth and want to get them replaced with aesthetically appreciating artificial teeth. Removable partial is one of the quickest and affordable options for most of the patients who want to get a prosthesis for the missing teeth. Here are some of the important reasons because of which the removable dentures are not recommended in the patients.

Bone Loss

Removable dentures are usually prepared after the healing of the alveolar ridge is completed in the patients after the extraction or loss of the teeth. Along with the healing of the ridge, there is also significant bone loss which can be seen in the intra-oral radiographs taken for the respective tooth. If the removable partial denture is used over this, it will lead to excess pressure on the ridge which causes further bone loss and resorption of the ridge.


Most of the patients who get removable partial dentures made for themselves have discomfort in using the dentures for a variable period of time depending on the adaptability and stability of the dentures on the ridge. Many patients complain of the unstable dentures and movement of the dentures at the time of eating. This makes the patient to provide extra care for the dentures while chewing and swallowing to prevent any further discomfort.

Gum Inflammation:

Removable partial dentures settle on the ridges of the patients. The plaque is deposited with time and this leads to more chances of the respective ridge to get inflamed and this causes denture stomatitis in the patients.

Poor Aesthetics

The removable partial dentures are attached to the adjacent with the adjacent teeth with the help of the tissue biocompatible clasps. The wires are visible which comprises in terms of looks and aesthetics.

Lack of confidence:

Most of the patients hesitate to smile with full confidence in the presence of the removable partial dentures as they fear that the dentures will come out if they do not control their mouth movements. This makes the patients restrict the functioning of the mouth till they gain confidence.


Many cases of trauma can be seen in the patients who have got the removable partial dentures made. When the partial dentures are not designed properly then the trauma can occur in the patients. This is usually caused to the gums and also leads to abrasion of the adjacent teeth by the wrong placement of the clasps of the partial dentures.

Bite Problems:

Bite problems of the removable partial dentures are quite common. This occurs due to the wrong recording of the occlusion of the patient. In the case of bite problems, the premature contact occurs in the patients in the area where the denture has been placed. This eventually leads to excess pressure on the temporomandibular joint thus causing TMJ and facial pain.

These are some of the reasons because of which removable partial dentures are not recommended in today's time when there are much better aesthetic and functional options like dental implants.