Geriatric people have more health related problems that is because of aging. Aging is natural and continuous process and each one of us will be part of that some or the other day in our lives.

As these effects of ageing can be seen all over body, teeth are also affected partly. There will be wearing off, discoloration, more sensitivity, mobility and gum related problems with teeth. As all of these are occurring in oral cavity, sadly over the period of time there may be loss of teeth. Complete loss of teeth is major problem for aged people. It leads to inability to have food, difficulty in speech and also loss of appearance of facial aesthetics.

To overcome the same problem the last option for dental surgeon is to give complete set of teeth for both jaws called as complete dentures. Denture treatment modality is available from long time still there are misconceptions related to them. Most common misconceptions and related facts are:

Misconception 1   

Complete dentures functions like natural teeth and they are more effective than natural teeth

Fact 1

Complete dentures function in group like upper denture one whole set of teeth, which is not like our natural teeth as individual single tooth. Dentures are as effective as natural teeth but not more effective because of some limitation and they are placed on soft gums. Not like natural teeth which are present in hard tissue that is bone.    

 Misconception 2 

Once dentures are inserted in mouth by dental surgeon, there job is completed

Fact 2

No once the complete dentures are evaluated and inserted by dental surgeon their job is not over yet. Actually it is patient’s responsibility to review your dental surgeon or Prosthodontist related to any small or major problem. Even if problem is not there patient must visit for oral checkups. Dental surgeons job won’t get over easily until patient gets used too for dentures.

Misconception 3 

We are not using dentures as it cause ulcers in mouth

Fact 3

Report your dentist immediately for your problem do not stop using dentures. Every denture requires small corrections after insertion and it depends on adaptability of the patient.

Misconception 4 

We can have anything after wearing dentures

Fact 4

No, it completely depends on adjustability of patient related to having variety of foods. Initially soft diet is recommended and once patient is confident enough then routine diet can be started. But having hard, sticky food should be avoided.

Misconception 5

Wearing dentures all the time

Fact 5

Is bad for health of patient and also for condition of complete dentures. After each food patient should remove denture wash them under running water, clean your mouth also then again you can ware. Wearing denture in night time during sleep is strictly avoided for good health of your oral tissues.

Misconception 6

One denture set can be used forever

Fact 6

No, it is only for 2-3 years. As bone resorbs gradually with use of dentures, denture becomes loose or ill-fitting after that patient has to visit Prosthodontist (specialized dental surgeon) for checkups. If there are minor changes after correcting that dentist may allow using same set of teeth for another one to 2 years, but after that patient has to get it remade a new denture set once again. One denture set on an average is only for 2 to 3 years. After that remaking new denture is the only option.

Misconception 7

Why to remake dentures if my denture set is not causing any problem.

Fact 7

Don’t wait for problems to arise. Visit your dentist after every six months, if there are corrections made in existing denture by the dentist, same dentures can be used for prolonged period of time. If not then new dentures has to be made. Wearing same sets of dentures causes more irritation of gums and bone resorption.

Misconception 8

Dentures can be fixed but our dentist made it removable.

Fact 8

Dentures are always removable. They cannot be fixed in mouth. What your friend is using that is implant supported fixed teeth. Implant supported teeth can be fixed or removable. Implant supported teeth can be better option for dentures, if patient is ready for minor surgical procedures and all other factors should be evaluated by dental surgeon properly.

Misconception 9

Dentures are unbreakable.

Fact 9

They are breakable. So always take care while handling them. If they repeatedly fall from height it becomes week and breaks easily. Always ask your dentist for high strength material for your dentures. Prosthodontist can make dentures with metal plate in it, which will be stronger.

Misconception 10

I am using two sets of dentures, old one for having food and new one when I will be going out

Fact 10

Absolutely wrong. Patient has to use one set of dentures at time and should not use two sets together as they made at different times might be old denture one to two years back . The tissue surface of both dentures has different tissue records on which denture seats. This may cause soft tissue irritation or ulceration. For that purpose only one denture should be used at time.