Most people complaint that dental treatment cost too much. But it is not 100% correct. Cost of treatment increases with complexity and severity of treatment. If we do dental treatment at preventive or initial stages, it cost very less and that too in one or two appointment.

Here are some example of dental problems which which can be detected and treated at early stage:

1. Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums is a sign of gum disease if untreated can leads to bad breath,  periodontitis,bone loss, tooth mobility, pyorrhea and extraction  or exfoliation of teeth. Treatment such as dental graft, replacing missing teeth, fix teeth, dental implants are done in late stage and make procedure more costly.

2. Black spot/ Dental Cavity

Cavity/ Dental Caries mostly develop in an early age when teeth are new in mouth. As age of teeth increases, enamel of teeth remineralise and incidence of cavity formation decreases. Experienced Dentist can give you tips for how to maintain oral health.

3. Dental Sensitivity

Don’t neglect dental sensitivity, as its very early sign of tooth problem. Sensitivity to hot and cold help in diagnosis of dental disease.

4. Irregular and mal-align teeth 

This can lead to food lodgement, which leads to subsequent dental issues. This issue simply corrected with Dental braces or aligner. 

5. Missing teeth

Complete or partial missing teeth can cause movements and shifting of adjacent teeth and digestion problems.

So here comes the importance of routine dental checkup and consultation with expert Dental Surgeon. Ask your dentist for how to brush properly, importance of floss, interdental brushes, fluoride therapy and mouthwash.