Dental Decay has been the topic of concern for people over the years. We see everywhere different companies promoting different products for healthier teeth. But the question haunting everybody's mind is what to do and what not..! The question frequently asked by most patients regularly is " Doctor, I brush my teeth daily twice. But still I get cavities. What should i do? "

The solution to this problem is relatively simple and not as complicated as one may perceive it to be. Although it is mandatory for every individual to brush twice daily and nothing can substitute that. However, there are many other things which if taken care for can help reduce the decay. The first thing which one should do is monitor the kind the of foodstuffs they eat. In recent times, the trend towards eating over-cooked processed fast foods like burgers, biscuits, chips, chocolates, etc has increased tremendously. 

These have tendency to stick to the tooth surfaces and not come out easily. They form good areas for plaque to accumulate which eventually leads to formation of dental caries. Another things which has been shown to affect the teeth over the years is consumption of aerated drinks on a very frequent and regular basis. The dangerous effects of these drinks is well known to everyone. Another thing which many people may not be aware of is the habit of consuming anything that contains sugar in any form before going to sleep. Many people have tendency to drink milk or eat something and go to sleep directly without brushing. Milk contains natural sugars. If we go to bed directly without brushing or gargling then our teeth tend to get affected in longer run. One thing which nobody can deny is the harm which consumption of alcohol and tobacco can cause to us.

So, to sum it up, small things if corrected at the beginning only can have long lasting benefits. 

Last but surely important is to visit your dentist once in every 6 months for a regular check-up. Also always get cavities filled if a decay is detected by the dentist and do not delay in the treatment. 

Remember one thing: " Make smile your signature accessory!"