A case of DEMENTIA stage 3 of a 63 years old male living in Asansol, WB. The case got complicated after taking medications from previous hospitals. No history of substance misuse, infectious diseases, use of sleeping pills, brain tumors, thyroid symptoms, stroke or head injury was seen. After complete case taking emphasizing on the mental rubrics from his wife; the following symptoms were recorded:

1. Disappointed of himself in spite of being loyal, honest & helpful all his life. He could not do much in his life.

2. No support from parents. They abandoned him because he married against their will. Never shared his grief. 

3. Hallucinates his dead father now. Fears everyone will abandon him now. Cannot stay alone otherwise attacks of panic & anger. 

4. Forgetful with stammering speech

5.  No suicidal tendency.  

6. Sleeplessness      

7. Moves here & there continuously. Wants to go out of his home. Involuntary (not sleep walking) unconscious about where he is going. 

8. Rage 3+ especially when stopped from doing something. Attempted to kill his own daughter during checkup at hospital.  

9. Violent hiccoughs 

10. Prostatitis      

11. Pancreatitis 

12. Involuntary passage of urine & stool. Unconscious about his own self.   

The following medicines were prescribed on in Nov 2016:



The medicines were given twice per week. 

Follow up:

5 January 2017 and the observations included

1. Anger was reduced. 

2. Control in involuntary passage of urine & stool. 

3. Sleep was improved. 

4. No attacks of hiccoughs.

5. No use of other allopathic drugs.  

1 March 2017

1. Diet recommendations: 

  • Eating fish was prescribed. 
  • Use of aluminium utensils strictly prohibited.  
  • Avoid sugar. 
  • Have coconut oil & magnesium rich diet.