Loss of erection prematurely during sexual activity without ejaculation is what is the definition of a deflating erection. A lot of people face the same without understanding why the same is happening.

  1. Stress and Depression: Since brain is one of the most erogenous zones, a lot of causes are linked to a healthy brain. Both stress and depression can lead to difficulty in getting an erection, premature loss of erection, or even delayed orgasm in certain cases.
  2. AlcoholMore than a few drinks plays havoc with the axis of brain and phallus, leading to a heightened desire but early loss of erection at times.
  3. Medications and Drugs: Some medications for other medical conditions, can lead to a decrease in erectile function, most do not lead to deflation of an erection midway. This may be observed on the other hand with street drugs – like cocaine / ganja / hashish.
  4. AngerUnexpressed anger or improperly expressed anger can contribute to performance problems in the bedroom. The same can be against your partner or anyone else, but the effect may be seen in the bedroom.
  5. Performance Anxiety: This is a circle you do not want to get into. Anxiety related to performance in bed or other life anxieties spilling into the bedroom can spiral into vicious cycle, which puts a big strain on the sex life and the relationship.
  6. ObesityAffects the sexual performance, self-esteem, may play havoc with Sr. Testosterone. It can also be linked to high blood pressure. All can contribute to an early detumescence.
  7. Negative Self Image: A negative self image can make you worry about how one looks but also how well you will perform in bed.
  8. Low Libido: Low performance is not the same as lack of interest in sex. A lot of the factors listed above can also lead to low libido. This is another circle, which can get difficult to treat.

It can be embarrassing to talk to someone about your sexual problems, but it’s the best way to get treated and getting back to intimacy with your partner.