Pregnancy, along with being the happiest and most joyful of experiences, is also one of the most uncertain conditions where it is difficult to gauge what is to happen the next moment. Of course, it is the process of giving birth to another baby human and it demands its own development.

So, while sometimes some things can be ignored to be normal some demand immediate attention. In fact, if you notice any of the given signs, you should consult your Gynaecologist at the earliest:


Bleeding isn’t normal in pregnancy. It isn’t necessary that bleeding is dangerous but in most cases it is. It’s only your Gynaecologist who can judge the best. Therefore, if you spot a continuous or small amount of blood, contact your Gynaecologist. If the bleeding is excessive, please report to an emergency room with proper pregnancy care facilities.

Nausea and Vomiting

But isn’t it normal to feel nauseated in pregnancy? It is! But anything in excess can be harmful to your body. If you can’t eat properly and vomit out everything, it can be dangerous both for the mother and the baby.

Early contractions

Contractions are experienced only during the end of your last trimester. If you feel them early in your third trimester, it can be a case of premature birth. Your gynaecologist is the best to tell. At Bansal Global Hospital, premature deliveries are cared for in specialised NICU. If a premature baby is expected, you should also choose a hospital with the same facilities.

Baby’s Activities

With time, you will notice a pattern in your baby’s movements and activities. If these activities stop suddenly or there is a significant increase or decrease, contact your gynaecologist at the earliest.

Mother and Childcare are one of the apex ideals of Bansal Global Hospital. We serve not only till the pregnancy is over but even after that to ensure that your baby is growing healthy and according to their age.