The boom in the Beauty Business

Gone are the days when one had to rely on god-gifted features, skin and hair texture for the rest of their life. The perfect nose, lips, skin, hair, and even jawline can now be created at your nearest cosmetic clinic. Dr Deepali Bhardwaj talks about the boom in the beauty business and the latest treatments that are highly in demand.

Fill it up

Fillers are the ‘it’ thing these days. Be it the regular fillers to lift those cheeks orBotox to remove the wrinkles from your forehead and crows feet, or the ‘D Threads’created especially to tighten the jawline and make you look almost 10 years younger are a hit. The anti-ageing trend has made a host of options available in the market. So, take your pick and walk out looking your best beautiful!Not just for skin, fillers for hair are also gaining popularity. PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) fillers that involve taking the patient’s blood plasma and injecting it back into the scalp for permanent hair re-growth is hugely popular, as it can be done both in men and women, unlike hair transplant that is recommended only in men.

No scare of scars

Gone are the days when a scar would dictate the type of clothes you wear, how you look and whom you date. Scars no longer have the power to rule your life! With the advent of Radiofrequency (RF), one can get rid of any marks left behind by an accidental burn or skin problems like acne. Hence say goodbye to a scarring memory forever and move on with a new and more beautiful skin.

Proud of that Pout

The biggest trend of 2016 (apart from break-ups) has been getting that perfect pout. Not just limited to actresses, the lip-filler has become a hit with girls between the age-group of 18-30 aiming for that perfect selfie. The fact that it is painless, and takes just one setting with instant results adds to its popularity amongst the fast-food generation.

Laser-it out

Lasers are another major trend right now. Especially used for hair reduction, they are a painless and a stress-free way of getting rid of unwanted hair with fairly long-term results. They could take anywhere between one to ten sittings depending on the area and amount of hair.

Men Mange More

However, the interesting part is that these beauty treatments are not just popular with women, but men as well. A lot of men visit us not just for hair transplant, but even for facials (especially if they are getting married), laser hair reduction on the chest and botox on the face to make them more appealing to womankind.

The boom in the market

With both partners working, and a steady increase in the per capita income, Indians are surely opening up to the idea of opting for a cosmetic job to look their best beautiful. And the beauty business is seeing a boom like never before.

Quack Check

However, it is important to do a thorough check of the doctor and his/her credentials before opting for any cosmetic process because of the prevalent quackery in the business.Beauty is no longer God-made. It is more in the hands of the cosmetologist and the process they use these days.

So, take your pick carefully and use this opportunity wisely to enhance your looks and life!