Cow milk and cow ghee the best diet for increasing sex says sexologist Dr Vaibhav Lunkad(C)

From my knowledge of ayurveda and chinese nadipariksha (Pulse diagnosis) and acupuncture, I found acupuncture and acupressure points very useful in sexual health which can be taught to the couple as  "Acu n diet couple  sex therapy" and it benefits foreplay and anxiety related stamina and performance problems like premature ejaculation and most cases of erectile dysfuncton.

Basically eat as much as raw foods and fruits and avoid dead cooked foods which make digestion and body lethargic and useless. Very useful are cow milk and cow ghee as naturally they increase the sexual stamina and semen and decrease heat in the body and no wonder it is the natural medicine given during honeymoon night with dry fruit sheera or even some herbs given in betel leaves as "paan" is natural medicine to prevent sexual problems and they are taken so naturally in a habitual way that they are not even noticed even by the most learned researchers in the field of sexology, what a joke? It is almost a traditional way of life and so I prefer to give these natural powders to all my patients costing hardly 999 per month by courier and hardly has any side effects at all. Secondly, diabetes under or overweight or BP patients benefits the most as they are really tired that nobody understands their problems and secondly the wives are unnecessarily frustrated that why the partners are not performing though many may not even be suffering from any addictions like tobacco cigarette alcohol at all,and still the sexual problems exist. The more the affluent the more the serious problem.

So just come back down to the ground and be as close to natural habits and nature avoid excess formalities and artificiality and have a really consummated happy sexually healthy life or marriage.

My personal clinical experience of last twenty five years with knowledge of homeopathy ayurveda, chinese naturpathy, body language, face reading, handwriting analysis, yoga acupuncture and allopathy have made me an all-o-path in the real sense,and vajikaran or sexology is the most natural interesting rejuvenating science. I don't feel we should be shy to talk about in this century even to our own children who may land in wrong hands or info or addiction too.

Have a glass of cow milk and  a spoon cow ghee and let me know!