Pollution after festivals has crossed Limits. Some areas of Delhi have recorded Suspended particles>1000(normal is 60+).

COPD is one of the illnesses caused by pollution & low levels of oxygen in the blood.

Simply put COPD is narrowing of passages and balloons (bronchi &alveoli) within lungs.

 Breathing becomes measured and Difficult as these fibrosed elements carry oxygen we breathe in, resulting in coughing and breathlessness.

COPD is Not Reversible like Asthma. It progresses slowly. Both of these respiratory illnesses can be Controlled but Not Cured Permanently.

COPD-Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease can be deadly if associated with Heart illness as-

Both heart and lung is One Unit and causes Breathlessness, confusing the Treating doctors.

Before an open heart surgery getting clearance from Lung doctor is a Must.

Heart function is Measured by Echo and Lung Function is measured by Spirometry machines.

Both machines are expensive and every GP cannot have them in Routine GP Clinics.

Health Ministry will soon release "New Delhi declaration on mitigating effects of air pollution" and it has decided to declare COPD in Non Communicable disease (NCD) programme.

We as Doctors can keep a Breathometer in our clinics to measure Lung Capacity of every person suspected to be at Risk-like we check BP as a Routine.

Yes, it is that simple. Cost of 'machine' is just 300/-(three hundred) only. One has to breathe in and breathe out with full force. Calibrations are on equipment, which is of the size of a baby feeding bottle.

It gives a reading about functions of the lung in a similar way the mother knows about millilitres of milk drunk by baby!

This Breathometer is easily available and it is worth keeping in clinics as Some among others can have good lung functions too.

WHY SEND EVERY Person for expensive lung tests? 

(So that Doubts can be Put to rest or treatment started on time so that illness does not progress to next dangerous level) Disease Grows Slowly like Cancer.

We do have a choice to FIGHT pollution, learn to Live with it till the time some measures are taken up by Government and Individuals.

This Means that our government is serious and want to screen people like other NCD diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Cancer and others.

Reason to make COPD as NCD.

Assistance will be provided to have Spirometers, Nebulizers, Bronchodilators and Relevant medicines Available.

This type of programme was launched to eradicate Polio and Small Pox and was Successful in Eradication of these 2 illnesses.

Despite Awareness and programmes, there is no reduction in TB cases but an Awareness has been Generated.

Our Patients themselves ask for TB tests in Private Charitable Clinics if they have no time for government hospitals

  • Remember, non-Smoking women are as Vulnerable to get COPD.
  • Stress aggravates. 
  • Medicines to carry out MTP at advanced stage has COPD and low-grade fever as side effects. 
  • If given once, the effect wanes, if given every year, the effect stays for life.
  • And Women Too Breathe the Same Polluted Air as Men