Have you been suffering from constipation for way too long? Then this post is to resolve all your inquiries on how to get rid of constipation with easy ayurvedic steps. 

Why Is Constipation Becoming A Chronic Case?

One of the largest glands that your body has is that of the liver. Unfortunately, as your age advances, your liver starts falling weak and as a consequence, produces less digestive juices i.e. bile and other components that play an important role in your digestion, especially for components like fat. The same happens to your stomach as it starts to exhibit less effective functionality and hence, constipation is often reported as a chronic case in all advanced age groups. But it’s also becoming a common occurrence in middle ages groups due to poor choices of lifestyle and it’s not even ending here yet.

Does Ayurveda Offer Any Remedy?

Of course, it does. With herbs like Kalmegh, Triphala, Guggul, etc., it’s easier to boost up your liver metabolism than with any other allopathic method that makes your liver dependable on chemically synthesized drugs for a lifetime. It’s often advised to go for a liver cleansing ritual as prescribed by Ayurveda on a regular basis. For all other alimentary issues, you can always opt for herbs like Sunth, Himaj, Sonamukhi and alter its dosage depending upon the severity of your constipation.