Monsoon showers have arrived to give us respite from the sweltering summer heat and hope the rain Gods bless us with a good rainy season.  At the cost of dampening the lovely monsoon weather spirit, it rests upon us Dermatologists to highlight few skin problems commonly occurring during these rainy months, but hope to end it on a pleasant note by adding some useful skin care tips.

Since summer itself, we start experiencing humid and sweaty climate. Skin folds of the body, like in between the toes, being occluded, get subjected to hot, humid and sweaty environment.

Additional factors which can aggravate are:

  • Not maintaining proper hygiene like daily baths and regular washing of the feet and keeping them dry. 
  • Wearing shoes and socks regularly for many hours subjects the feet to being occluded and to moist, sweaty and warm conditions. 
  • Shoes and socks made of non-breathable synthetic material would not absorb the sweat properly and result in sweat retention in the skin of the feet.
  • Wearing tight synthetic clothes will similarly not allow the skin to breathe or the sweat to evaporate. 
  • Exposing the hands and feet constantly to water, like in housemaids or farmers. 
  • Obesity, Diabetes or other Immuno-compromised conditions, skin-to-skin contact or sharing of clothes with anyone having skin infections will increase the risks

So what problems does the skin show?

Skin folds and more commonly the feet suffer from irritation and itchy rash and infections by fungus and/or bacteria. The infection can even spread to others either by skin contact or through shared things.

How do we prevent these ?

  • Maintain regular proper hygiene and keep skin fold area dry by using anti-fungal powder to absorb the sweat.
  • Wear open footwear like chappals of breathable material, cotton socks and loose cotton clothes.
  • Treat other medical conditions like diabetes.
  • All afflicted individuals in the family should take treatment at the same time to avoid transferring their infection to one another.
  • Avoid sharing of clothes or towels.
  • Anti-fungal or anti-bacterial medicines prescribed by the Dermatologist need to be followed for the entire course for full resolution of infection and to decrease the risk of recurrence.
  • For problem of excessive sweating, anti-perspirant lotions can be used once the skin heals.

So here’s praying for a good monsoon and hoping to also have a healthy good skin.