Facing sexual problems? Meet a sexologist right away! We understand that it can be embarrassing or intimidating to discuss sexual problems, but an expert will help you understand the causes, symptoms and also give you the right treatment plan. There are a few common questions that a sexologist always encounters while counselling his/ her patients. 

Here is a list of common questions that you may want to ask your sexologist without any hesitation during your therapy sessions:

1) Am I the right candidate to take sexual therapy?  There is no specific category to determine who can take such a therapy and who cannot. If you are facing trouble with your sex life and sexual performance, a therapist is there to assist you and treat you.

2) What are the possibilities of mine to get cured? The problems vary from one person to another and so are the treatments. If required, the sexologist may ask you to undergo some medical test to get a clear picture about the reasons behind the issues. Few are medical problems and a few psychological ones. Based on your case type treatments will be given.

3) Give me some examples of your successful cases.  Do you want your problems to be discussed and shared by doctors with other patients? Certainly not, as you love your privacy. In a similar fashion, other patients too would like to keep their cases private. A doctor can share an example without sharing the patient's name as each patient is important and valuable to him/her. You can check reviews of customers who personally shared their experience on online portals.

4) What will be my treatment cost? This is one question which you can ask and the sexologist will share it with you. Treat your sexologist like a friend and share your problems with an open mind, your secrets will always remain secret with your doctor.