Humans are the only species to express emotion through words. Words make a big difference in their life. They connect with people whom they are comfortable in speaking only. They love to speak and hear good words about themselves. Most of the times they expect to hear the same from others too. Appearance and applause doesn’t matter when there is no one to hear or speak. Such is the power of word.

Words are constructed to building bond and to spending time with each other. Words can inspire people and words can destroy people. Choose yours carefully. Most of the time people don’t realize the power of word. When in fun and enjoyment mode they speak randomly without realizing the fact that it may hurt other person’s emotions and feelings.They feel it’s just for an entertainment and nothing much to think about it or carry forward by others. Eventually, it’s an individual choice to feel comfortable or uncomfortable about the whole incident.

One such instance, I could quote here is saying no to a child. Chocolates and ice creams are liked by everyone irrespective of age. When a child is being denied of eating chocolate, it gets hurt easily but response of each child varies. One may take it lightly, others may move away from the place, some throws tantrum, few gets adamant, many gets disappointed, some may plead, few may negotiate, some get into argument, few could grab, some may be patience and hardly few may let it go. The word no would have been said by the person just like that to have some time with children. But it evoked different reactions and responses from them. A single word ‘no’ can bring such huge difference in children’s mind and life at that moment. No child’s reaction is to be compared. It’s their choice and has to be respected. Imagine how much power the word has on each one’s mind.

In the current phase, unfortunately, human’s wanted to hear and speak their mind out instead of understanding and realizing the feelings and emotions of self and others. One no to chocolate has given n number of different responses from each child. Think how words will create an impact in people’s mind. Hence, it’s advisable to choose and map the words carefully while speaking with anyone as the individual capacity to accept or reject varies.