When you ask most children, there is hardly any boundary known to them about what is healthy and what’s not. And when it comes to candies and sugar loaded junk, we bet they can never get enough of it ever. Lack of hygiene and regular brushing warrants several other health problems including those of dental health and is, unfortunately, a leading cause of rotten teeth and gum problems thereon. Here, we discuss the impact of junk eating on children’s teeth and reveal three ways to deal with it.

Why Does Your Child Suffer From Dental Health Problems?

Often children are tempted to eat whatever that is kept across and often insist on eating junk that is full of sugar, fried food, and carbohydrates. Apart from the regular weight issues, poor hygiene practices such as not brushing your teeth twice, not splashing your buccal cavity gently with water can be a huge deal.

Lack of such practices makes way for such food items to be stuck in your tooth cavity which results in the plague and slowly erodes the upper enamel of their teeth. This also gives rise to bad odor, gum bleeding and unwarranted pain for their teeth. While avoiding such food items is a good way to go about it, it is absolutely necessary that you take necessary precautions to shield your children’s teeth.

Can You Deal With Their Poor Dental Health Ayurvedically?

As discussed previously, Ayurveda is not only an alternative medicine but a lifestyle. Using it to heal your children’s health can prove to be incredible if not magical. You can start with natural tooth cleaning practices like using the tender shoots of neem and babool to clean their teeth. Simply ask them to chew the upper part of the shoot to carve it like a dental brush and brush regularly like you’d do with a plastic tooth brush at your disposal.

You can also replace your regular toothpaste with Ayurvedic tooth powder and help undo the damage by microorganisms. Herbs like Chalk, Katha and Lavang also help in nourishing the gums while making your teeth stronger. Ensuring a regular dental cleansing regime and teaching them about the same can help you save tons of money and time when dealing with a child’s tantrums on dental health.