Get flawless, fairer, naturally glowing skin with safe,sure, secure medicinal herbs!

There is an alarming increase in the number of cancer patients over a last decade.Be very careful when using cosmetics, beauty creams & chemical treatment; particularly for facial skin.The time has come to be vigilant about your delicate skin & save it from the hazardous effects of chemicals! 

The effects of chemicals in cosmetics, can be more than just skin deep. Research indicates these ‘Chemicals’ can damage your skin & in the long term affect your body.  For example, some of the antiperspirants are found to cause breast cancer!

Number  of synthetic chemicals are used in cosmetic products like lipstick, lotion, shampoo and shaving cream. They can cause allergies, pimples, permanent blemishes & even cancer!

The best way is to enhance your natural beauty.

Chemical free skin treatments are based on traditional medical science of Ayurveda. These  can be for Soothing, complexion enhancing & exfoliating. Let your doctor make a correct choice to suit your skin type & problem. Chemical-free skin exfoliation is a magnificent facial; effective for permanent cure from acne (pimples), scars, pigments, dark circles & wrinkles. This is a research based therapy in which, combinations of fresh medicinal herbs are applied to the skin. Fresh herbs are chosen according to their curative effects on skin. The herbs are to be used fresh to utilize their potency  & the formula differs according to skin type & disease.

Experience the soothing fresh aroma of  herbs, nourish your skin & rejuvenate!

How this facial is done & for further info please refer to next article '3 steps to grab attention"!