Sexual problem is faced by a man when he is unable to perform or attain satisfaction during a sexual activity. There are researches which show that there is a huge number of men who face sexual problems, while there are very less number of men who actually consult a sexologist for it. The reason for not consulting a sexologist can be feeling of humiliation, shyness or denial of the problem as a whole. Most of the sexual problems are treatable hence there is nothing wrong or shame full to visit the best sexologist in Delhi.

What causes the sexual problems?

Men who do not visit a sexologist majorly suffer from insecurities and even undergo psychological trauma, depression and anxiety being among them. Many relationships have broken apart because of this problem, rather because of not consulting a sexologist, cause the problem can be cured.

The cause of the sexual problems can be psychological or physical in men-

  • Psychological Causes: The major psychological causes are depression, anxiety and stress. The concern of sexual performance also results in sexual problems in men, which if not talked about may convert into sexual anxiety. If there is any office, work or home related issues going on in life then too the sexual performance of a man gets affected. The other factors can be trauma related to any past sexual experience or any guilt feelings.
  • Physical Causes: There are a number of physical factors which cause sexual problems in men. Health conditions like diabetes, any heart or vascular disease, hormonal imbalance, neurological problems or any chronic illness like of a kidney or liver. Men who are into drug abuse or are alcoholic also suffer from sexual problems.

These problems can cause sexual problems in men like erectile dysfunction, subdued sexual desires or ejaculation disorders. These problems can only be cured by the best sexologist in Delhi. Therefore, don’t be hesitant and lead a happy relationship.