The word erectile dysfunction itself makes a man nervous. In a survey, it was found that every year there are around 600000 new cases of erectile dysfunction. It is experienced by men of all ages, however, the problem increases as the age increases. There is huge number of men who are struggling and under depression because of this problem but quite a few seek a doctor to get treated.

Being a very personal problem, most men are not comfortable and are embarrassed to talk about it. Men who do not seek treatment for this and suffer alone often going to depression. These days, it is quite common to face erectile dysfunction but there are very few who actually know what is erectile dysfunction exactly, why it happens and what should be done for its treatment.

What is erectile dysfunction?

The main symptoms which indicate an erectile dysfunction are difficulty to attain erection, inability to maintain it and inhibited sexual desires. As male sexual arousal is a process which a fairly complex, including the brain, nerves,hormones, blood vessels and muscles all working together at the same time, any issue with any of the factor can be the cause for erectile dysfunction.

Causes :

It can be due to physical causes like sleep disorders, obesity, blood pressure, alcoholism,drug abuse etc. The physiological causes can be anxiety, depression, personal or work life problems etc.

Treatment options available:

The first and foremost thing to do is to consult a sexologist. He will determine the cause of the erectile dysfunction and the  propose the best treatment for you.Some of the treatment options are-

·    Psychotherapy

 ·   Erectile dysfunction drugs

 ·   Surgery

·    Vacuum constriction devices

·    Lifestyle changes

Over looking or not acknowledging the problem will not help it go away, infect it should betaken up to a doctor just like you go for any other health problems.