Some sexual problems have become so common these days. There are many factors that have contributed to unhealthy lifestyle. Odd working hours, poor lifestyle and eating habits and improper sleep have together affected sexual life of people across the globe. Dealing with the problems that arise every other day often leaves no time to take care of one’s health. Many of these have been the reason for sexual disorder issues. It refers to a condition in which partners do not satisfy each other while having intercourse. 

There are four phases in a sexual play cycle comprising plateau, excitement, orgasm and resolution. According to several researches and studies conducted, it has been found that the condition is found more in women than men. While only 32% of men suffer from sexual dsyfunction problems, about 41% percent of women suffer from sexual dysfunction problems. Irrespective of the gender, treatment is available with Sexologist doctors.

There is possibility that you might be thinking about the reason of dysfunction in both women and men. 

  • It occurs because of physical as well as psychological impact leading to problems. 
  • Hormonal imbalances, vascular and heart ailments, neurological disorders and diabetes along with chronic diseases like alcoholism, drug and kidney failure are some of the most common physical conditions that might lead to sexual dysfunction. 
  • Some medications also cause sexual dysfunction. 
  • Common psychological causes are relationship or marital problems, anxiety as well as stress, lack of confidence in bed, past sexual trauma and feeling of guilt are some of psychological hindrances that impede you from having great sexual life.

No matter what your cause is for having the problem of sexual dysfunction, a sexologistcan help you overcome it by prescribing the best available remedy. Your decision to consult the one will help you in having satisfying sexual life with your partner.