Cashew nuts are mood elevators without causing addiction. Some women are sceptical about Cashews being fattening. Others feel that few nuts per day are heavy on the pockets.

Compare the costs of pills vs healthy nuts to increase good cholesterol, to give healthy proteins and fats, then we will have fewer reasons to crib. The reason that Cashew is the Gratitude Nut. If mood remains elevated, feelings of Gratitude follows.

What Is Feni?

  • Feni is an alcoholic drink made from Cashews, the fruits and it is a trademark of Goa. Goa is the only place where the cashew fruit - the apple and the nut- is utilized. Cashew feni has an overpowering smell.
  • The process developed by ICAR-CCARI to reduce the smell involves inoculation of a consortium of micro-organisms into the cashew apple juice for enhanced and regulated fermentation.
  • A test tube containing 25ml of formula touted to eliminate the unpleasant odour of cashew feni has been priced at Rs 1 Lakh by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research -Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute ( ICAR-CCARI ), Old Goa.
  • Yeast-Bacteria Concoction was developed in 2013 to reduce the pungent overpowering smell of cashew feni involves inoculation of a consortium of micro-organisms into cashew apple juice for enhanced and regulated fermentation.
  • On distilling the fermented juice, the characteristic fruity aroma and flavour of feni are conserved, imparting enhanced quality attributes to the Heritage Brew.

To prepare feni:

  • Cashew apples are crushed and the juice fermented.
  • The first stage of distillation of this juice produces a beverage called burrack while feni is obtained after the second phase of distillation.

Scientists said that the use of the formula of yeast-bacteria does not affect or alter any properties of Goa's Heritage Brew. The Cashew apple alone has a very strong odour. No agents are used to suppress the spirit's smell. Scientists just observed different combinations of bacteria and yeast. They said that it would be incorrect to consider the formula renders cashew feni completely odourless. "Rather a characteristic fruity aroma and flavour of cashew feni are conserved in the end product" Feni makers do not suppress spirit's smell. 

I am not being moralist here talking about alcohol and I do not endorse taking alcoholic beverages as a routine. This is worth sharing because I chanced upon this article in TOI, Goa & it made an interesting read about Preservation of Heritage in Alcoholic drinks too! I endorse taking few cashew nuts in a bowl of assorted nuts of almonds, walnuts, peanuts etc.