Foot ulceration is pivotal events in leg/foot loss in diabetic patients because:

1. They are the point of entry for infection and 

2.they can cause progressive tissue loss because of reduced blood supply.

Most of the diabetic patients have insensate foot i.e. they have lost the sensation of touch, pain, temperature, in the feet because of this any small injury can go unnoticed.

This injury can then get infected and could become the cause for amputation of a leg.

So for Diabetic patients, it is very important to take care of their feet as they take care of their face.

1. Do not walk barefoot.

2. Inspect foot daily for blisters, wound, redness, small increases in the warmness of foot.

3. Use correct Diabetic footwears. Consult your Doctor for proper footwear. Avoid closed shoes.

4. Clean the feet and wipe dry twice daily and after you come home from a  walk. Apply moisturizer to the feet.

5. Those with ulcer /wound on feet should not walk in a puddle of water. Infection can easily enter through the wound.

6 Wipe the web spaces of toes dry. Fungal infection is very common. Can use antifungal powder.

7. Take care of your foot nails. Infection is very common in a rainy season.

8. Cut the nails properly. Can visit Doctor to cut Thick toenails.

If you notice any change in your feet better visit your Doctor.

Have a happy, healthy, safe monsoon.