Cancer care in Homoeopathy: Causes and Solution

Cancer is nothing but destructive altered functions of our body cells against the other cell. Now it is a proven science that each cell has intelligence and they work individually and collectively according to the organ they belong to and try to maintain the wellbeing of us.

Family history of cancer make patients more vulnerable than others because their cells alter faster than others. Modernisation has done more harm than good. Under the name of science and technology, we have polluted natural things, imbalanced the basic structured of air, water, plant and animal. We have forgotten that we are a part of this structure. We too are equally sensitive. We can’t be at peace with the stress and strain the modern life is causing on each of us. Though many of us are too busy to understand or study this, subconsciously, we are noting things according to our sensitivity.

Homeopathy study shows that in Cancer patients sensitivity is usually high; they get disturbed easily if they see any cruelty and injustice but hardly expresses it. If these things remain in the subconscious mind for a long time, then their body cells fill with bad emotions and are more prone to cancer changes. The same thing happens in autoimmune diseases.

Holistic and Natural Homeopathy helps to take out all the negative emotions from the body. It can be taken side by side to reduce chemo and radiation of the patients, also helps to reduce their frequency, and other complications (a cough, fever, etc). Many oncologists in Mumbai are working together with homoeopaths for the wellbeing of patients.