The answer is Yes..Though, most of the time people with general aches and pains are referred for Physiotherapy after the initial assessment by other specialists but a fact that has not been widely put into practice is that…YES for pain in the neck , shoulder , back , knee etc one can definitely approach a Physiotherapist first..Lifestyle changes, lack of exercise , poor posture largely contributes to a wide variety of ailments.Such conditions alter the basic Bio mechanics of the body which after prolonged subjectivity to stress become symptomatic. The result is PAIN which makes one take a decision to approach a specialist.Physiotherapy is a conservative remedy for such such conditions. Approaching a Physio first would not only help you deal with your pain but also correct the altered bio mechanics with exercises and other means specifically for the muscle group involved.So go ahead and CONSULT A PHYSIO we always say..SUFFERING IS OPTIONAL…Prayers for good health always!!