If you wake up in the morning feeling fine but looking like you didn’t sleep well, or if you feel that puffiness and droopy lids are causing you to look old, eyelid surgery may be a good choice for you. 

Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is a procedure used to correct loose skin, pouching and sagging around the eyes, and for removing fatty deposits that cause puffy bags around the eyes. Blepharoplasty Surgery can be done under local anaesthesia. Both the upper and lower eye lid surgery can be done in 2 hrs time. The incisions are placed in such a way that it is rarely visible and in time it fades away. The procedure is generally a day care procedure and you can go home after a few hours. 

For the initial few days you might have light bruisng which resolves in time. Pain medication and eye drops will be prescribed to ease the discomfort.