The mysterious menstruation has created a lot of curiosity in young girls. It raises several unanswered questions leading to illogical myths that are beyond the medical periphery. Menstruation is a normal biological process that every woman goes through from puberty to menopause. It involves the discharge of blood from the lining of the uterus through the vagina which occurs at a regular interval of time, approximately 28 days, plus or minus seven days. This discharge of blood lasts for three to seven days, varying from women to women. Women undergo this biological cycle monthly beginning from puberty until they reach menopause. However, during pregnancy, females do not menstruate because the fertilized eggs are implanted into the lining of the uterus.

Myth 1: You missed your periods which means you are pregnant

Fact: Not every missed period can be termed as pregnancy.  Usually, periods occur after an interval of every four weeks that could be somewhere around 21 to 35days.  There could be several causes responsible for missed periods like thyroid, stress, excessive dieting or exercising, puberty, menopause, effects of birth control pills or other medications, development of cysts or tumours or any other problems.  It is always safe to consult your gynaecologist who would determine if you are healthy. 

Myth 2: You are thirteen but still haven’t got your periods 

Fact: Getting your period is not like getting your driver licence at 18 years of age. There is no specific age when girls get their periods.  Some girls bleed young and others bleed later.   The onset of menstruation can widely vary from girl to girl.  However, you can always visit a gynaecologist who would access if you are healthy and normal.

Myth 3: You can’t get pregnant during your periods

Fact: You can not consider yourself completely secured from pregnancy during your periods.  Females bleed every month when their ovaries release an egg known as ovulation.  Fertility is at its peak during ovulation.  But in some women, there have been cases of multiple eggs being released into the uterus, wherein one has matured to cause periods while other is still fertile.  Another ignored fact is that sperms that enter your body can be active for the next three to five days, which can fertilize the eggs eventually when you ovulate. Thus, having sex during your period could lead to conception.  Get more guidance from your gynaecologist.

Myth 4: You shouldn’t exercise during periods

Fact:  Would you skip a healthy meal because you are having your periods?  I guess not!  So why miss out on your healthy exercise?  In fact, evidence suggests that certain exercises can enhance blood circulation and relieve you from menstruation cramps to some extent.  Science doesn’t support skipping workouts during your periods.  However, it’s perfectly fine if you feel like missing your cardio or if exercising is causing discomfort.

Myth 5: You will lose your virginity if you use a tampon

Fact: Tampons are not the reason for losing virginity.  Virginity is lost only after having intercourse.  Every torn hymen doesn’t point to lost virginity. Hymen could also break due to strenuous exercises or jerk.  The hymen is a stretchy virginal tissue that covers the vaginal opening.  It is unlikely that you could break your hymen by using a tampon.  Mostly the tampons pass through the stretchy hymen without breaking it.