Cataract (White Motia/Safed Motia) is the most commonly performed surgery in eye. Cataract surgery has evolved from Extracapsular cataract extraction technique to latest Phacoemulsification technique which is minimally  Invasive, Painless and Sutureless technique. There are many myths about cataract surgery which create unwarranted fear in people.  So let move from this darkness of ignorance towards light of knowledge

MYTH : Cataract (White Motia) should be operated only when it is mature

FACT: With new and sophisticated techniques, cataract can be operated as soon as it starts interfering with clarity of vision .

MYTH: Cataract can be treated with eyedrops or exercise

FACT: Cataract can be treated by surgery ONLY. There is no eyedrop etc. to cure cataract

MYTH: Cataract is a disease

FACT: Cataract is an age related change and it will affect everybody in old age. Besides old age, other causes of cataract are steroid use, diabetes,trauma etc

MYTH: Cataract is contagious and may spread from one eye to other eye

FACT: Cataract is an age related change in eye and it may affect both eyes  simultaneously or sequentially

MYTH: Surgery for cataract is dangerous and painful

FACT: Cataract surgery is quick, painless  and safe with high success rate