1.The heading in itself says that orthodontic treatment can be done in almost every individual; results may vary according to the age of the patient.

2.Patient comes with many problems like gummy smile, spacing in anterior teeth, crowded, overlapped teeth, and complaint of not able to speak properly, unerupted tooth, crooked or malaligned tooth extruded or intruded teeth.

3.Two types of braces: removable and fixed are used. If the defect is slight removable ortho plates are used, and if multiple problems exist or whole arch is to be rectified, fixed ortho is used.

4.The braces or orthodontic wires are engaged in the patients’ mouth to align the teeth, enhance not only one’s smile but also self confidence. Teens are the best suited for this treatment as the bones are still developing and growth spurts are still going on.

5.Normally it takes 1-1.5 years for active ortho phase and six months for maintenance or passive phase.

6.Recent advances in braces are that the colour of braces is transparent matching the colour of teeth. Also this is less painful and cumbersome for the patient; visit of patient to the doctor has also lessened.7.Invisible braces is the most recent line of treatment for straightening of teeth, in which custom made invisible aligners are made which could be worn as per patients convenience and are hardly visible.

Do’s & Don’ts


1.Go to the doctor at the age of 13-15 years when all your permanent teeth have erupted for orthodontic treatment.

2.Follow the doctor’s instructions of keeping the teeth clean & taking apt. diet while on braces.

3.Always take the maintenance phase seriously after the active phase when on removable plate after the fixed prosthesis.


1.Never start with orthodontic treatment until you are fully convinced mentally and completely satisfaction & don’t bite on hand stuff, avoid fights while on braces.

2.Don’t be overly enthusiastic about the results.


1.Improves smiles and aesthetics.

2.Teeth are less prone to caries.

3.Controls bad breath as reduces food lodgment.

4.Less chance of bleeding gums as one can do brushing properly.