Searching for the best supplements and drugs for weight loss? Well, this is just the place for it. With the fast and unhealthy lifestyles, people often tend to ignore taking care of their body. Hitting the gym and dieting is also isn’t very economical for some people. But nothing to worry. Here is a list of a few supplements and medicines that can help shed those extra inches quickly. The natural products help to upsurge the metabolism, reduce fat absorption and help the body burn more fat for fuel. These miracle solutions are easy to consume and a person will witness changes with one use:

1. Found generally in coffee, green tea and cocoa beans, this natural supplement called caffeine is one of the best fat burning produces. It helps boost the metabolism and burns fat to use it as a fuel for the body. 

2. Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA is found in full-fat dairy products like whole milk, cheese, butter and even beef meat. It is the only kind of fatty acid that helps boost weight loss by increasing strength and reducing appetite. 

3. Bitter oranges are also used as a weight loss medicine widely by people. It helps to burn the extra calories very easily. Synephrine, a stimulant in bitter orange rinds helps shed the extra fat but some doctors do not recommend its use.

4. Green tea has become a vogue drink and everyone is drinking it. Well, why not! Green tea has polyphenol epigallocatechin gallate, a chemical that helps burn fat. This herbal drug helps initiate the process of thermogenesis in the body. This results in the body burning calories to produce heat.

5. There are several ways in which grapefruit act as a natural weight loss booster. The essential oils in the fruit help break down sugar for more energy in the body. It aids fast metabolism and lower cravings. It is an effective diuretic that helps you get rid of excess water in the body that makes a person look plum.

6. Chromium found in vegetables like broccoli aids lean muscle mass as well. It also positively kills random craving and reduces food intake.