ALL ABOUT SPERM CELLS- Ayurvedic Perspective

This is most important issue but still remains least discussed in our society resulting there is such a mess of myths and dis-beliefs in our society regarding sexual health and quality of sperm cells. Most of my fellow practitioners are treating it well but I am embarrassed to admit many practitioners are making a fool of patients and making money in an unfair way. Oo in this post, I will try to provide some tips to evaluate quality of sperm according to ayurvedic perspective and how to keep sperm healthy.


In modern study sperm quality is tested by its count, motility etc. But in Ayurveda following are properties of good quality sperm.

1. Sperm must be whitish as ALUM or SIFUTIKA (slight yellowish shade in sperm shows effect of heat element/ pitta on it and should be treated accordingly)

2. It should smell like honey or ghee (clarified butter)

3. It should must have an self shine like pearl (mukta). Dull sperm is also an indicator of weak sperm usually under the effect of  vata dosha and should be treated accordingly

4. It must be silky or greasy on touch (like sesame oil or ghee)


1. Habit of having luke warm cow's milk before sleep.

2. Dates, raisins and almonds are very helpful in producing good quality sperm.

3. Fruits such as banana, grapes, mangoes (not sour), berries , pomegranate, avocado, amla/ indian gooseberry are best to take. (ideal time to take fruits is in the morning on an empty stomach)

4. Rice, wheat, ghee, butter, natural sweet taste, curd (if taken 2 or three times a week in breakfast only)

5. Dates boiled in milk, organic eggs, some varieties of  fish, urad daal (black lentils) are some quick and super food to produce quality sperm.

6. Herbs-  shatavari churna, amla churan, gokhru churan, ashwagandha, yashti madhu are some herbs for having rich sperm.


1. Habit of having excessive salt/ sour and spicy food.

2. Constipation on regular basis

3. Having habit of passing stool more than 2 times a day especially after having meal.

4. Not including exercise in day schedule.

5. Tummy out chest in

6. Stress

7. Improper sleep

8. Smoking and alcohol destroys manhood.

9. Fast junk food, breads- sauces/ ketchups, soft drinks, deep fried, crispy crunchy anything 

10. Various health supplements usually used while gyming.