Logging in your meals, drinks, sleep and physical activity in a food diary is one of the major steps you need to take when you want to switch to a healthier lifestyle.

Wondering how this few minute's job can make a difference?  Let us help you!


Keeps you on track!

Maintaining the food diary does not only help your dietician to know what you eat, sleeping hours frequency of the meals or the portion size but majorly helps you in being focused on your diet, constantly motivating, increasing your efficacy, and to attain and maintain your goals.

Eating Balanced Meals:

While recording and going through your diary, you’ll get a lot of insights like if there’s enough protein, fruits, nuts in your meal, or if the intake of processed or refined food is more than the whole foods. This practice will subconsciously make you more mindful of your food choices.

Helps lose weight:

You may not realize it right away, but over time, your food diary will actually make you want to be healthier. It’ll help you know what right/wrong you’re doing in your diet. If you’re going in for frequent meals, if you’re indulging in a variety of exercise throughout the week and if you’re getting enough sleep.


A food diary can be maintained in a book or on a food journal app. You’ll need to be able to add the date, time, food item eaten, water intake of a day, type and duration of exercise, and duration of sleep.

  • The more specific your food journal, the more accurate and helpful it is.·      
  • If the food you consumed was complicated, breaking it down will help for understanding and calorie counting.·
  • Don’t forget to add the random odds and ends that you consume like if it was someone’s birthday at work and you dug into a slice of gooey chocolate cake.·      
  • Writing down the quantity is the most important part while filling. Take some help of those age-old red-colored measuring cups and spoons that are stacked in the kitchen. Manipulating the quantity is not going to help anyone.·      
  • Don’t forget to add the water intake throughout the day.