To wake up every morning with a pot belly would make anyone feel bad. We agree, that you were definitely not born with it but years of those social gatherings, beer pongs and endless parties have given birth to the dreaded beer belly. However, is only beer to blame or is the choice of food and drinks that we consume during our leisure time that is making us have those ugly, fatty tyres around the waist?

Before you think of completely giving up on that beer, what if I told you that by following some simple steps you can beat that bulge and keep the beer flowing?

Let’s begin with the basics first:

Why and how do you get that beer belly or pot belly?

The whole theory of getting that pot belly does not only rely on beer consumption. You can definitely blame your eating habits and your sedentary lifestyle. Truth be told, it’s actually the combo that is making you gain those extra kilos.

What must you do? Start with workouts at home.

Remember, that all alcoholic drinks, whether it’s in the form of a cocktail or that scotch, does have fat in it. However, if you consume within limits or avoid those unhealthy chips and finger foods while you drink, you will not gain much.

It’s been found that the food that we usually eat at parties or get together are laden with calories. Furthermore, our liver takes time to break down the alcohol that we have consumed. This leads to fatty deposits around our belly and hence the fat.  

Sadly, there is no magic pill to tackle this, however, to start off the process of losing belly fat, you can be a little less tipsy in your next drinking party. Added to this, a little bit of physical activity and a balanced diet would definitely show some improvement. So all the beer lovers out there, read on to know the guidelines to get that well-toned ab!

  • Maintain a diet diary – write about all the unhealthy and the healthy foods that you are consuming on a daily basis. The diary would be your guide in controlling portions of food and thereby maintain a healthy diet.
  • Begin your days with a light workout. It can be favourite sport (other than beer pong) like swimming, yoga, jogging or even brisk walking.
  • Switch to healthier beer, and by healthier, I mean the lighter one. Any beer that is 100 calories or less is good beer. Also, try to cut down on the frequency of your beer intake. 

Also, next time before heading out to a drinking party, eat healthy meals before. This fills up your stomach, and benefits you two-fold: a) You tend to drink less as your stomach is already full and, b) You avoid those cheesy, calorie laden finger foods.

Once you start following this, prioritize on working out. Here are some exercises that you can start off with:

 1. Donkey Kickbacks

Kick like a donkey! Am serious, kicking like a donkey helps to tone, strengthen, tighten your glutes and much more. So, what are you waiting for? Start kicking today!   

  • Begin your workout by getting on all fours on mat and breathe normally.
  • Keeping right knee bent 90 degrees, lift one of your legs until it is in the same level as that of your body.
  • Lift it further, until your knee reaches to hip level.
  • Now, switch legs and repeat ten times on each leg.  

 2. Mountain climber 

Doing cardio help in reducing fat. Now, when this has been established, you can also do the popular ‘mountain climber’ exercise. It works on upper arm muscles, core and your legs.

  • Start off with the normal push-up position. Keep your hands under your chest, shoulders width apart. Avoid bending of hands.
  •  Lift your feet, and slowly bring your knees closer to your chest.
  • Return to push up position.
  • Repeat with next leg.

3. The normal push-up

Sweating too much? If all of the above sounds a little too hectic, begin with the most basic, the push-ups. One of fastest ways to lose that belly fat, watch this video to know more

4. Plank

Push yourself further, and start off with planks. Known to burn more calories than crunches or sit-ups, doing a minimum of five sets of planks would get you a toned body.

5. Bicycle crunch

Don’t worry, it doesn’t really involve your bicycle. This is how you do it:

  • Lie flat on your back with hands behind and supporting your head.
  •  Raise your legs, perpendicular to the floor
  • Bring your leg closer to your chest, all the while trying to bring your opposite elbow to touch to your knee.
  • Repeat the same with opposite set of limbs.

If you have survived this article for so long, it just means that you are ready to lose some fat away and yet not quit on your favourite drink. Remember, the trick is moderation, exercise, healthy eating and little bit of happiness. All this would get you rid of the belly and keep your beer.