Do you just mindlessly put anything in your mouth without thinking and knowing what it's made up of? Well, we all need to be at least a little conscious when it comes to our diet. 

1) Healthy Carbs‌

Carbohydrates are the essential in your diet, aren't they? But you need to be careful when it comes to picking the right carbs. Consider this, white carbs are not so good for your health as they contain high sugar level and hardly any fibre. So, go for carbs like whole grain wheat. Avoid refined flour (all purpose flour). Make sure to avoid whites and go for brown bread instead of the regular white bread. Some Low carb cereals are Oats, Risoto rice, and Ragi.

 2) Refreshing Fruits‌

Fruits are packed with vitamins and minerals which help to vitalize your body. Fruits have natural sugar in them which are healthy for your braincells. Never buy seedless fruit! Citrus fruits are great for cleansing. Buy only those fruits which are fresh and horticultured seasonally, for instance apples during winter season. Include, grapes, avocados and melons for overall nourishment.

3) Green veggies‌

Vegetables are better when they're green. Your body needs lots of  spinach, broccoli and Fenugreeks to never run out of iron and magnesium. Do not overcook them and try to include it in great portion in your child's meal. In fact, they are highly resistant to cancer and help you build a strong and healthy physique. This doesn't mean that colourful veggies should ignored because the more colourful your veggies the more healthier one becomes. Dishes  like Pav bhaji and sandwiches are to be cooked twice or thrice a week for kids to cherish vegetables with love and dining delight. Eat by colour! 

4) Power-packed Pulses

In an Indian diet pulses play a vital role in almost all cuisine. Pulses are full of protein and minerals. Lentils, Moong, Toor dal etc are cooked after soaking and boiling to make it edible for our body. Pulses are like supplements for hair, skin and nails. They ensure smooth digestion and must be consumed daily for nutritional benefits. 

5) Nuts and seeds

Almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds are often counted as something special and may cost you few bucks but it's worth it. Nuts should be taken seriously and have to be included not only in deserts but also in morning breakfast. Only 5-8, a handful of nuts might go a long way in improving your memory and strengthening your organs. You may like to soak it before churning it in mouth and that's absolutely fine.

 6) Hydrating beverages

How would you feel if we tell you that what you have been drinking all your life needs to be changed or given up totally! Relax, you might be drinking Tea, coffee or soda to recharge your endorphins and there's nothing wrong in doing so. Apparently, you must be consuming your daily beverages with loads of sugar unconsciously! Or go for green tea, the healthiest beverage you have been thinking to avoid it due to its taste. What if we tell you green tea does more than only losing weight. It soothes your digestive system and ensures a smooth bowel movement making you feel lighter and it's great for your skin too. It might be difficult to sip on this bitter beverage. Perhaps, with time you may get used to it once you start experiencing it's antidote.

Hope you liked what you read and have a healthy day ahead.

Thanks for reading.