How many calories are there in Banana? Is banana high in calories? Here is a great information about bananas and calories.Because banana tastes sweet, people commonly believe that a banana is high in calories. In fact, many people avoid eating bananas like the plague, if they’re trying to lose weight. So, does banana really make you gain weight?Read about healthy weight gain. Is the banana really high in calories? Let’s find out here.

Does eating banana promote weight gain?

Let’s first analyze the nutrition in a banana. A medium banana contains about 100 calories. Before you think that’s a lot of calories, know that the average daily calorie intake ranges between 2000-2500. See this to know how many daily calories you need. Moving on from calories, one medium banana contains about 22-25 gm of carbohydrates, almost 0 gms of fat and 2 gm protein and 3 gm of fiber. Besides this, it also delivers 15% of your daily Vitamin C, a dose of Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium. Potassium actually promotes muscle growth and thus increases calorie burn. So, not only does a banana provide you with healthy nutrition, it is almost fat-free, sodium free and cholesterol free! And you’re not sure if you should eat it! Read about myth-fat free is healthy.

So, is banana high in calories? 

No, a banana is not high in calories.So, what kind of health benefits does a banana have? First, it contains Vitamin C, so it builds immunity. The Vitamin B helps your body metabolize food better and in turn, increases your calorie burn. As we mentioned it's fat-free and cholesterol free. It also contains soluble fiber, that helps to reduce your cholesterol build up and clean out your arteries. Studies have shown that dietary calcium helps to reduce belly fat.Get more information what kind of milk you should be drinking.The complex carbohydrates are a great source of energy. Have one before your workout for energy, or start your day with one. 

Does banana make you gain weight? 

No, bananas don’t make you gain weight. If anything, they are good for your health!