Balding in women is always secondary to underlying causes like Menarche, Menopause, Post Pregnancy , Oral Contraceptive pills, Poly cystic Ovaries, Uterine Fibroid, Thyroid etc. Means anything which interferes with Female Hormonal System. As it is clearly known that Balding is caused by Male Sex Hormone and Testosterone which defines why only Men develop bald patches and not Women. And hence when it starts up in Women too then makes us think about there must be something going wrong with female hormones. Which can be confirmed by Irregular Menstrual history, Painful menses, Weight gain, unusual thick hair growth on upper lip and chin or chest, Acne etc. Along with Hair Thinning. So if one or more of the causes are associated with Hair Thinning then we need to be more careful while dealing with such cases. Though in any case whatever hair loss ( Not hair fall which is always reversible ) has happened is not reversible. In this the hair follicle (Structure Where is hair is produced-grows-and falls ) is permanently lost and can not be generated again. We all are born with particular no of hair follicles which varies depending on many factors like genes, race, geography etc. e.g. White people have more no of follicles than Dark skinned people. When after puberty these hair follicles once destroyed by the increasing levels of DHT ( DI-Hydro-Testosterone ) They can not be regenerated. And that's why it is said that Hair once Gone is Gone. Thanks to Advance science because of which we can at least either delay or prevent further loss and even with help of Hair Transplant can get some hairs back if not all.