Bad Breath means "having offensive, stale, or foul-smelling breath".

The causes of the bad smell can vary and can be present in the mouth or may be because of some systemic problem. 


(A) The most common cause is poor Dental Hygiene i.e. infrequent or wrong tooth brushing habits that cause incomplete removal of food particles and later decay. 

(B) Gum Disease / Periodontal diseases.

(C) Infections of Mouth.

(D) Infections of Respiratory Tract like sinusitis, lung and throat infections.

(E) People who eat spicy foods (containing Garlic Onion) and those with low carbohydrates in their diet are candidates for bad breath. Soft drinks and Caffeine can also contribute to halitosis.

If you are are suffering from Halitosis or know some one who is suffering from this problem, Please visit your dentist at the earliest and get rid of this Embarrassing disease.